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Serena Cormano
Serena Cormano

Enrolled in the register of Italian surveyors, Serena Cormano combines a high professionalism with a refined aesthetic taste. During the years, she has acquired great knowledge and experience in the field of building permissions - including all the necessary authorizations for projects, constructions, recoveries and interventions - as well as in the finalization of sale contracts. An incessant training and professional update - together with active relationships with her customers – allow Serena to always have a comprehensive sight of the market.
Her main target is the customer's satisfaction and, for reaching it, she combines her skills in the real estate field with the ability to propose housing solutions able to satisfy the needs of each single customer.
Enthusiasm, discretion and cooperation are the ingredients that allow Serena Cormano to offer a targeted and effective service to her customers.

- Cadastral updates (DOC.FA AND PREGEO)
- Topographic surveys
- Land demarcation
- Building permissions
- Transfer registratios
- Successions
- Presentation and management of requests for adjustments and/or changes in cadastral records
- A.p.e (energy certifications)
- Home staging
- Legge 10
- ENEA and tax deductions
- Design and restructuring
- Plant design