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News and trends in the real estate sector.

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    • 2020-June-01
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    Mission ASTORIA: on sale the historic hotel in Busto Arsizio

    Built in 1959, the Astoria hotel has been the meeting point of the local middle-class people and entrepreneurs for decades.

    • 2019-January-22
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    2018 home loans: the best moment to buy

    Getting into debt for purchasing a house has never been so profitable in Italy. An increase in the sums granted has been recorded and fixed-rate mortgages are still the most popular. These are the results of the...

    • 2018-February-06
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    2018 Home Bonus: tax deductions and innovations

    The Italian 2018 Budget Law has introduced important fiscal innovations on home bonuses, ranging from the extension of the renovation and furniture bonus to the new Eco Bonus deduction rates for works started on...

    • 2018-January-31
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    First home purchase: all the 2018 tax reductions

    People who want to purchase their first home this year can benefit from the 2018 First Home Bonus even if they already own a house: the only restriction is to sell the old house within 18 months after the new purchase.

    • 2018-January-31
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    5 helpful tips to purchase a house

    From a correct evaluation of the building in terms of size and location to a financial analysis aimed at knowing in advance any auxiliary charges which will negatively affect your budget at the end of the year: here are...

    • 2017-April-18
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    Anti-seismic design

    The Italian law on new buildings and interventions on existing buildings.

    • 2017-April-11
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    A passion for wood

    The building material par excellence is back on top thanks to its versatility, its green look and its ability to stand the test of time, always being perfect. Or better, becoming increasingly beautiful.

    • 2017-April-03
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    2017: all the tax reductions for your house

    Earthquake bonus, eco bonus, renovation bonus, tax bonus for new furniture: 2017 is an important year for those who want to purchase a house or renovate it. In the following you can find a complete guide on these...

    • 2017-February-12
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    APE: what is it and how the energy efficiency classes of buildings have changed

    The Energy Performance Plate - compulsory for houses and buildings - is valid for 10 years. The system is the same all over Italy and, starting from January 2016, all the APE certificates are gathered in the SIAPE...

    • 2017-January-24